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Tim Atkins AKA Timm Bear

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Timothy Atkins was born in a small town in Missouri U.S.A. the only son between Joe and Vytrolith
Atkins. His mother was a pastor of a small church started in an old run-down home on the south side of
Rolla Missouri, which she called “Southside Mission”. She was the pastor there almost 30 years. His
father Joe was a janitor at the local hospital. Tim gave his life to Christ at a young age but as he grew
older, he also grew away from his first love of Jesus. He found out he had Kidney disease at the young
age of 14 and started kidney dialysis a few months later. He once held the Guinness world record for
longest time doing hemodialysis, over 40 years now.
He has worked in broadcasting most of his adult life. At radio stations like KS-107 and KOOL-105 in
Denver Colorado, U.S.A. At Power-95 in Gulfport Mississippi U.S.A. and Isle-95 in the Caribbean on the
island of St. Croix. On the tiny island of St. Croix, deciding to go to a tent revival, is where Timothy
rededicated his life to Jesus. He has lived his life in service ever since. Working with groups like
Compassion International helping sponsor children in need around the world. Timothy sponsors a 9-year
old girl named Gadise in Ethiopia and a 10-year old girl names Barbra in Bolivia. He also enjoys mission
work on the Native American reservations where he sponsors a blind native American brother named
Johnathan One Feather, who is also on dialysis. Encouraging and ministering to young people who have
drug and alcohol problems at New Life U.S.A. A facility founded by a group from St. Petersburg Russia.
Timothy has spoken to audience’s in Los Angles California, Dallas Texas, Denver Colorado, Atlanta
Georgia U.S.A. and many more.
He is excited to be a part of Joyful FM Radio in Johannesburg South Africa. This is a place where Timothy
has always wanted to be. Not only on the air…but more then anything on a station where he can share
his faith, his testimony and his encouragement to others. His desire is for you to realize who you are in
your relationship with God. A son or a daughter and how much you are valued by our heavenly father.
To lead those who don’t know they are a son or a daughter, to the one who is King of Kings and Lord of
Lords…Jesus Christ.
Tim has been married to his lovely wife Lorie for 21 years and currently lives in Springfield, Missouri U.S.A.



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