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Jeanette David

About Jeanette

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Connect with Jeanette

Jeanette Charmaine David is a Publicist, Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational blogger, Social Entrepreneur, Master Life Coach, and a Neurolinguistics Practitioner and Programmer. Jeanette currently inspires and motivates through various media platforms including her blogs on She explains that social media is an integral part of today's society, the very fabric upon which our society is being built, so why not use this platform to promote positive instead of negative, to educate, inspire, bring awareness, raise hope and create lasting change. Jeanette hosts a radio slot on Joyful FM entitled "Living With Purpose. The program is a platform targeted on making a positive difference and inspiring the listeners to take better control of their destinies hence the slogan "Living With Purpose" The guests that appear on the show will also reveal how they aligned their struggles, challenges and mountaintop experiences to their purpose, spreading the message of hope to a national and international audience. Jeanette is a true humanitarian at heart and served as the Regional Manager for Joint Aid Management (JAM) a humanitarian relief and development organisation.

She believes that there is no higher calling that is more fulfilling and rewarding than being of service to our fellow mankind and has dedicated her life to doing so. She was nominated for the 2018 Woman Of Stature, Woman Of The Year award in the media category. Jeanette has an innate ability to make personal connections with strangers. She believes that there is no difference between herself, and the next person, she is authentic and wants people to see themselves in her, through the setbacks, adversities, and challenges she encountered. Jeanette is no stranger to hurt, pain, deep loss, and sorrow here's a snippet from her upcoming book "Still I Rise"... The process of living my Life with Purpose was not always obvious to me I did not start out with those intentions. Looking back on the tapestry of my life , I see an array of many colours , the colours of celebration and jubilee mingled with the colours of utter sadness and disarray. Symbolic of all the storms I had to hurdle, the pain and deep loss I had to endure and the mountain top experiences that I got to bask in. I've passed through that place called hopelessness when I almost had a taste of death through a life-threatening illness.

Accustomed to living a life of luxury, glamour and status only to have it taken away when everything I had worked for and acquired was ripped away in a blink of an eye. I’ve had more than my fair share of heartbreaks and regrets. I drunk from that bitter cup of betrayal. My life felt as if I was living many lifetimes, because it just didn't seem fair to experience all that I had in one lifetime. All this time little did I realise through this long winded process called life that I was like an uncut diamond ,being intricately shaped and fashioned through every one of those situations that I encountered. The one thread of continuity that kept it all together was my total reliance on God and the strong bond I shared with my children. My insufficiencies to handle situations created avenues for God to show up in my life and display his protection, provision and preservation, empowering me and giving me the sustenance i needed to find my way through the maze of life to a safe place. The knowledge of this , has brought me to a place of having my total reliance and stability firmly rooted and grounded in him.


Being a single mom rearing 3 children alone meant being strong even at my weakest, my kids were looking to me to take their cue, i couldn't let them down, survival was not an option anymore it became my only option. My now adult children have become my biggest fans, my best friends, the wind beneath my wings, and the jewels that I wear on my crown so proudly. A strong family unit is paramount to me I would not trade it for anything else in the world and there are no substitutes. Now life has new meaning, when I go through the whirlwind of life, I’m not like a leaf being tossed about aimlessly in the wind. Life as so much more purpose ,in all of this I found my true calling. The scars of my past remind me that i did indeed survive my deepest wounds. Like the lyrics in the song I can resonate so well too….. Shattered but I'm not broken, wounded but time has healed, heavy the load, the cross i bore, lonely the road I trod, but I dared. Shaken but here I stand, Weary still I pressed on, Long are the nights the tears I cried, dark are the days no sun in my sky. Sometimes Im troubled but not in despair, Struggling I make my way through, Trials they come to make me strong, I must endure I must hold on, yet still in spite of it I rise never to give up never to give in against all odds. My life now is an instrument of hope used to awaken, steer and help point people in the direction of their destiny. You see all of my past the good the bad the ugly have been vital ingredients used to shape my life. Today I’m that polished diamond I shine in every circumstance and through any situation I took ownership of my destiny, everyday I choose to live with purpose. We are all on our own journey in this life with many lessons to learn along the way some of us will learn in simples ways for others, through trying painful experiences, either way I have come to know that the most valuable and life changing lessons are the ones not taught but in actual fact experienced. I discovered that despite my fears I overcame obstacles when I allowed the courage granted to me to unleash the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit from within and how this helped defined my path showing strength of character, a truth I celebrate through the ever changing seasons of my life.


Jeanette Charmaine David(52) currently resides in Gauteng South Africa, she is a single mom to 3 adult children Conrad Travis(32), Jenine Chanel(30) and Caleb Stephen(26).

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