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Overcoming through the love of God

hello, my name is Maenilda. i have recently come to realise just how powerful the Love of God really is.

My past isnt the best and i know many can say the same but have you noticed when God first calls you, its usually in the darkest of days. I remember the Holy Spirit revealing to me just how much Jesus Christ truly loves us. I believe there is power on the cross, where powers of the devil has been taken and authority has been given back to us. We dont know just how amazing this really is. My experience with Christ is something beautiful and i know those of you can say the same. I remeber reading certain scriptures as God was starting to change my life, those that told me about his love for us. One in particular was John 3:16 now this scripture has been used so much that it has become a norm amongst us but when we truly look into it we see the love of a creator who just wanted to reconcile us to himself through Jesus Christ his son Colossians 1: 20.

I find joy in knowing that God's love gave us power to walk away from the choices we have made that hurt us and those around us, that the power of love has helped us conquer Romans 8:37 and will continually help us over come everything we will face through the strength of Jesus Christ Philippians 4:13. It gives us the hope of a better future, it changes our hearts and makes us more compassionate towards others, we no longer carry anger because we realise Gods love is peaceful towards us, so we demonstrate this towards those around us.

There are times we still fall short and make mistakes but the beautiful thing is when we admit to those mistakes God handles us with love and is quick to forgive Psalms 145:8. Sometimes we carry a lot of guilt due to our past mistakes and thats wrong, Gods word says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and forgives us. I wish everyone knew just how great God is, He doesnt condemn you Romans 8:1, he merely wants you to accept His love which was through his sons blood which is the forgiveness of sins Ephesians 1:7. Fear ultimately plays a huge role in this but remember Gods love is perfect and that love casts out fear 1 John 4:18.

When doubt ever tries to hold you back in life just remember that you are loved by God and that no amount of hatred from the world will change that. I know as much as anyone what it felt to not be loved but then God showed me that his love is more than enough and that i shouldn't be afraid to come to him even when i mess up, it just leaves room for him to improve.

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