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Who Am I

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Who Am I Song Video is a question all ask of themselves! The defining of a person, “who am I” starts with a person at their early existence in life or when they can reason with themselves.

There is a point in time where everyone looks at where they are in life and wonder “what am I doing here?” or “what is my destiny in life?” Many have questions about their beginnings and wonder what will I accomplish in life!

But to me it appears that these questions fall off a cliff and never get answered for many because sin or immoral habits began to set in and dilute and deaden the discovery of themselves in life!

And so, they might get completely through with life at an old age and never get to the answer their questions about themselves and die with just entertaining themselves by whatever virtual reality is available to them to deaden the pains of life.

As a Christian film music producer, I present you with a snap shot of “Who Am I” song Video I wrote, produced and performed to give you a compass and direction.

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